Kirsten is passionate about helping people develop a broad set of tools to enable relationships to thrive.  In particular, she seeks to instill the capacity for insight and clarity of thought, emotional open-heartedness and non-reactivity, as well as grounded physical health.  It is her belief that we all have the capacity to develop a balance that allows us to experience optimal health.  Discerning that balance, and cultivating the discipline and support we require is essential to mental health and well-being.


After being raised  in Kansas City, receiving an undergraduate business degree in Boulder, Colorado and  working as a teacher in a small school for gifted children, Kirsten  began five  years of graduate work & post graduate family therapy training in Seattle in 1990.  Upon moving to Flagstaff in 2001,  Kirsten has found Northern Arizona to be a wonderful place to raise her two daughters and enjoy the natural  beauty, excellent climate. and rich cultural diversity of the region.

Greenstone Therapy  ​        Kirsten Mueller, MA, LMFT, AAMFT